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Basketball Legends

Basketball Legends is a very exciting basketball game, a multiplayer game developed by MadPuffers and emitted by Y8. The graphics of the game are really awesome and very clear.

The characters in Basketball Legends are likened to the famous basketball players Lebron James, Derrick Williams and Stephen Curry. So the game has become even more exciting. Start with one of these legendary players and enjoy the fun of playing in the NBA.

You can play against the PC in Basketball Legends or you can play with your friend and have a great gaming experience.

There are other different versions of the game. Another very popular version of game is Basketball Legends Halloween Edition, it is a very awesome game. MadPuffer has also developed Soccer Legends, Tennis Legends and Hockey Legends games.

How to Play Basketball Legends

Select local save or online save to start the game. If you choose save online, you can earn bonus.After clicking on Play, there will be 3 game modes. Choose one from modes 1 Player, 2 Player and Quick Match. If you have a friend, you will have played a very exciting game by choosing 2 Player mode.

Start a great game by choosing the legendary players of basketball together with your friend. This great game allows 4 players to play at the same time.

Basketball Legends Controls

Player 1
  • WASD = Move
  • B = Shoot/Perform action
  • S = Pump
  • V = Super shot
  • D twice = Dash
Player 2
  • UP, LEFT, RIGHT Arrow keys = Move
  • L = Shoot/Perform action
  • DOWN Arrow = Pump
  • K= Super shot
  • LEFT Arrow twice = Dash

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